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My name is Melody, and I am a certified BodyTalk Practitioner. 

I decided to become a practitioner after receiving BodyTalk sessions on myself, and each time being surprised by what came out of each session.

I'm excited to help you on your healing journey and look forward to meeting you. 

About Me


My Professional Background

  • Bachelor's Degree BioMedical Sciences 
  • Masters Degree in Integrated Healthcare 
  • Women's Health Ambassador 
  • Founder of "But You Don't Look Sick." 
  • Author 


My Spiritual/Holistic Background

  • 6th Generation Healer 
  • Reiki Master 
  • BodyTalk practitioner
  • Grew up with Buddhist monks


My Medical Journey

  • 7 years ago I became sick with a rare neurological disease with no known cure
  • With no known cure in Western Medicine, I started researching other techniques to help my illness. This is where I found BodyTalk and the connection between emotional, western, and eastern healing.